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It’s sad that people have their panties in a wad over that comment. ’ Actually, watchful waiting ’ is a treatment modality that is used in oncology for certain tumors ( i.e. early prostate) that are contained, and where surgery may not be the immediate choice, especially in more elderly people whose tumors grow slowly and are less likely to kill them. The sarc was that it will surely be used more often now.

My great-aunt had a slow-growing brain tumor, diagnosed when she was in her 70’s. They told her it would not kill her and recommended against surgery. She did not worry about it.

It did, though, kill her eventually, caused her to have a stroke and die. Of course, she was in her mid-90’s when that happened - I think when they put her on “watchful waiting”, they did not expect that she would live another 20 years.

Surgery would have been difficult, though, in her 70’s, and may have caused other problems that may have lead to an even earlier death.