Live Video: President Obama Speaks in Bristow, VA

GlutenFreeJesus11/04/2012 10:44:41 am PST

Don’t forget greyhounds. People wrongly assume they need lots of exercise, and you need to take them running all the time. Not true. The rescues are ex racers, and once you get them home, all they want to do is sleep 18 hours a day. :)

I myself have an Alaskan Malamute. He’s the friendliest dog I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Almost lost him last year October to a tumor on his liver. 4lbs. Thankfully it was on the “good” side of the liver and the surgery was successful. If you’d meet him today, you’d have no idea he was 12. His size alone makes people walk across the street to avoid him. Needless to say, no neighborhood kids have messed with the pool while I’ve been away since I adopted him 10.5 years ago.