Robert Spencer and the Extremists

Desert Dog9/09/2009 3:18:27 pm PDT

re: #579 Locker

How did that harm the troops? Or do you mean some other actions?

You were in the military. Was it good for your the morale of the troop when Democrat leadership from the House and Senate called the mission a failure? Or insinuated that they have opened up a torture chamber similar to Saddam Hussein? Or, that you are and your comrades are dying for no good reason? over and over and over? Or, calling the war lost?

If I was over there and heard that, I would get damn depressed. It would seem like it was all for nothing.

And, what did that do for the bad guys shooting at our guys? If I was an scumbag terrorist in Fallujah and I heard the Dems in Congress saying these things, I would feel pretty good about things. They knew they didn’t have to beat the USA, they just had to wear down the Americans will to fight. One side lost that will pretty damn fast. First they authorized it, then when it became unpopular with the base, it suddenly became the worst thing ever.

Well, it’s 2009, Obama is the President now…we are still there. Should the Republicans in Congress start standing up and acting the way the Dems did? I hope not.