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Jay C11/16/2019 2:27:15 pm PST

re: #42 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

From the BBC

Is ‘dopamine fasting’ Silicon Valley’s new productivity fad?

When James Sinka starts his dopamine fast, he cuts himself off from as many external stimuli as possible. He’ll stop eating, instead only drinking water to stay hydrated. He’ll ignore his phone, laptop screen and other tech devices. And he’ll try and avoid interacting with people as much as possible - including making eye contact.

What the fuck.

There was a time when you just spent a weekend chilling at home and unplugging the phone.

Now they have to make a fad out of it…

I am going to go relax by standing on my lawn, shouting at random passing objects…

What’s the next stage of this “fast”? Does it involve a wet suit, and a closed tank of warm water?