Robert Spencer and the Extremists

Throbert McGee9/09/2009 3:20:21 pm PDT

re: #559 HoosierHoops

Daria Daria Daria.. That is all you gleaned from 2 hours of links? I’m surprised..
Daria..I’m going to make this simple for you…Without snark..
It’s all about Principles..

Downding, because “Avoid giving aid and comfort to thine enemy” is not the only principle that exists.

I’m pretty sure I quoted Hanlon’s/Heinlein’s Razor last night — or maybe I started to but didn’t ultimately post it. In any case, my preferred phrasing of this particular razor is Never attribute to bad character that which can be adequately explained by innocent ignorance.*

And it’s still not clear to me that Brian’s linkage to Spencer in any way reflects badly on Brian’s character. Maybe he overestimates the value of Spencer’s scholarship on Islam, but that doesn’t make Brian a bad person — it just means he needs to read more.

*In the original, it’s “stupidity” that’s offered as the most likely explanatory factor, but I think that for most purposes, “innocent ignorance” is an improvement, for obvious reasons.