Marc Cooper: The Devolution of PJ Media

McSpiff7/07/2010 9:47:58 pm PDT

re: #606 windsagio

In portland and seattle its extremely uncommon (outside of blacks). Dunno about other areas.

re: #608 Aceofwhat?

from my experience, you’re in the minority.

Fair enough. My area has a real crappy racial past and I’m not surprised we’re still carrying this kind of baggage. Highschools were having race riots in the 90s and its only heavy police presence that keeps them from happening now I think.

re: #613 Obdicut

To me, it’s a sign that those white kids have very few, if any, black friends. It’s a sign of suburban white kid syndrome.

Most of these guys wouldn’t count as suburban, but you’re right…I’d say this area is roughly 80-85% white, maybe 10% black at the most?

Thanks for the honest discussion, LGF is the only place I’d feel comfortable posting that. Glad everyone took my post in the intended spirit too.