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re: #581 Leonidas Hoplite

I was under the impression that Wellington pursued a harrassment campaign against Napoleon’s armies in Iberia - and never went toe-to-toe in a pitched battle - though still to great effect?

Harrassments - sieges - making use of the Spanish guerrilleros - all to excellent effect.
And lets not forget the excellent retreat to Portugal - something any good army leader should be capable of.
In the end he chased the French out of Spain.
Napoleon’s msitake was to underestimate him because Wellington hadn’t fought a pitched battle. He was not alone in this assessment.
However, ‘modern’ as Napoleon was - Wellington was more modern. He knew which tactics were going to be more successful in any given situation, and used them.
Oh - and his men adored him and would have followed him to hell.
Well - they did at Waterloo.