Overnight Open Thread

Sharmuta4/25/2009 7:34:09 am PDT

Manfred Rouhs

Manfred Rouhs’ political career began in 1979 in the CDU youth organizations Junge Union (JU), and student union (SU). 1981 he moved to the Boys National Democrats (JN), the youth organization of the extreme right NPD.

Who is the NPD? The nazis- but robert spencer would like you to take mr rouhs at face value when he says he’s not:

The party’s platform says that Germany is larger than the present-day Federal Republic, and calls for revision of the post-war border acknowledgements. A map of Germany on the party’s website omits the border that divides Germany from Austria and leaves out the Oder-Neisse Line, which established the limits of federal Germany to the east and was agreed upon with Poland in 1990.

This is the party that mr rouhs was involved in the youth group, and I’m supposed to believe he’s a decent ally in the counter-jihad?! There’s more- here’s the NPD’s german wiki page, translated:

The objective of the NPD is the creation of a negative as it considers influences from abroad strongly demarcated Germany. All areas of life, whether in business, politics or in culture, only German national to be oriented. “Multiethnic excesses, which are currently exposed to the German people” and “over-” should be avoided.

Again- mr spencer wants us to take mr rouhs at his word he’s not a nazi. I think I’ll pass.