TSA Threatens Bloggers for Posting New Screening Rules

Gus12/31/2009 12:17:13 pm PST

This is going to hurt…

TSA Salutes a ‘Very Good Year’ Despite 2009 Security Failures
End-of-the-Year Message Was Sent Hours Before Northwest Bomber Cleared Airport Security and Boarded Plane with No Federal Air Marshals

In an end-of-the-year message sent after a year of harsh criticism and hours before a man with a bomb sailed through airport security and flew to the United States, the acting administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) boasted of the agency’s “very good year” and cited “cutting edge” technological advancements and efforts by federal air marshals that were “keeping the skies safe.”

The message made no mention of TSA snafus over 2009, including several highly critical reports by the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security and the inadvertent posting on the internet of confidential documents revealing airport security procedures.