Letter to a Future Republican Strategist Regarding White People

A Mom Anon11/12/2012 5:12:18 am PST

I don’t know what it’s going to take for the GOP to learn,but I’m not counting on it happening anytime soon. They still insist that it’s about “image”,”presentation” or bringing in the occasional woman or brown person to “prove”how diverse(and not at all sexist or racist)they are. It’s very hard to believe,embarrassing even,that these are supposed to be adult people that think this way.

I said this yesterday,the right wing is treating this,our country,like it’s a reality TV show. It’s all about the politics to them, they have lost the ability and will to govern(with very few exceptions). It’s not just insulting anymore,it’s dangerous.

Back when people were protesting the war in Iraq,my thoughts,as I watched it all unfold(I was glued to CSPAN then,nearly every day)was that we should have spent at least some of that energy standing outside the media outlets that lied to us daily,that wouldn’t report the news because they wouldn’t spend 5 minutes doing any investigating or critical thinking. The right wing media especially has played a huge role in the division of families and communities. There are people in the comments section of this man’s open letter to the GOP who seriously have no idea why anyone would consider the GOP to be anti woman. These people,I’d bet money are only reading right wing shit online and watching FOX and listening to conservative talk radio. There’s no other way to miss what’s happening. I almost wish there was a way to file a class action lawsuit against the whole lot of the bastards,they’ve done just as much damage as any other company’s products have. All of us have family,neighbors or friends who have gone off the deep end of the derp,that’s a scar that’s going to linger for awhile. Maybe generations.