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SanFranciscoZionist8/10/2010 9:08:30 pm PDT

re: #607 Stanley Sea

No, nothing at all to do with a Mosque. That’s the demagoguery. All you need to do is replace it with “Temple” This type of talk is not and should not be allowed, regardless of religion.

How we gave it all up, 9+ years later after the terrorist attack blows me away.
Very dangerous shit happening, again.

To be fair, if the actual neighbors had an actual concern, then of course the mosque committee should sit down with them and go over it. Some things you can fix.

A lizard from TN mentioned some concern about the mosque in his area having a cemetery attached, and apparently people are worried because Muslim burial customs traditionally don’t use coffins. That’s, I think, a worry based in ignorance, but it’s easy to fix, you get the community leaders in for coffee and introduce them to the funeral home you use.

Now, some things you can’t fix. When the synagogue down the street from my mom rebuilt, there were about a bazillion meetings, during which the synagogue employees and board explained exactly what was going on and calmed everyone’s fears, and explained why there wasn’t a problem, and we still had people having little freakouts, and there was nothing to do except rebuild the shul anyway. It looks horrible, IMHO, but it’s won some awards, and there you go.

So if New York Dolls Strip Club is worried that the call to prayer will disrupt their patron’s hangovers, there should be a meeting. OTOH, people from outside Manhattan having cows is not something the mosque can or should do anything about.