Overnight Open Thread

sattv4u22/18/2010 8:54:23 am PST

re: #623 lawhawk

Because they didn’t want to chase out the very industries that you refer to - the entertainment/news media businesses that are a significant source of state and local revenues. They think that they might lose business to other states that promote the entertainment industry - CA comes to mind, or Boston, or even DC to stay on the East Coast.

Both ABC and FOX have large “secondary” (to NYC) bureuas here in Atlanta. The ‘official” reason is in case theres another blackout like the Great Northeast one or another terror attck in NY shutting down their facilities there

The ‘unnofficial” reason is that Georgia in general and Atlanta in particular are more tax freindly to businesses (hence the home of DELTA, COKE, HOME DEPOT, UPS, WACHOVIA etc etc)