Anti-Muslim Bigotry: The New Flavor of the GOP

SanFranciscoZionist8/10/2010 2:44:56 pm PDT

re: #608 avanti

Beck now comes out against the Mosque “across the street” from the 9-11 site. Just claimed they planned the dedication on 9-11-11. His problem is one of the Mosque supporters is a donor to a middle east peace group that is connected to a group that is connected to the Gaza aid flotilla group that is supported by Hamas.
If you follow the arrows on the Beck blackboard, that means the Mosque guy is obviously a Hamas terrorist. He even linked it to Kagan !

That’s the Perdana Institute connection, which I could get more upset about if I didn’t know a couple of rabbis who probably ended up giving money to the Gaza flotilla.

How the hell is Kagan involved in this?