Protomartyr's Vision of Police State Dystopia: "Michigan Hammers"

Targetpractice9/12/2020 9:13:21 pm PDT

re: #54 A Cranky One

Trump wants respect, but has been denied that by New York society due to a pre-existing condition: terminal buffoonery. He thought being president would force that respect, but since respect is earned, it’s a Sisyphean task.

Laughing at him and denigrating him, especially in the face of his threats, is likely an effective tactic. And there’s the added benefit of the catharsis in doing so.

As a malignant narcissist, Trump will refuse responsibility for anything bad and will lie, rewrite history and find ways to blame others for his mistakes. Hammering the long list of his mistakes and failures will certainly generate narcissistic injury; his response will be to lash out and lose control. This is another effective tactic.

There are a number of tactics that can be used against the pimple of a president. Especially if his primary strategy is selling fear and hate. I’d focus on tactics that force PimpleOTUS to respond, since his mouth is quickly becoming his worst enemy.

The Trumps have been seeking the approval of NY high society for ages and have never found it because their family history is well known: A fortune built upon pimping, profiteering, and being slum lords. And the revelation in the past few years that much of their money comes from tax fraud only deepened the divide. Wealth can’t buy class and it’s something that the family has never managed to attain, despite all their efforts to the contrary. The unwashed masses may be impressed by dressing up apartments like French brothels and covering themselves in expensive gems, but their peers see through it to the rotten, bitter souls that lie underneath.