In Which Donald Refuses to Say He'll Step Down Peacefully if He Loses

Targetpractice9/23/2020 5:13:35 pm PDT

re: #61 TedStriker

To that effect, while many people’s perceptions were that all of the German land forces were as deadly mobile and motorized as the Blitzkrieg formations, the fact was that the vast majority of the Wehrmacht depended on horses to move men and materiel all throughout the entire war.

Yep, the Wehrmacht’s vaunted “blitzkrieg” hid the reality that the tanks either outran their supply lines or were forced to a crawl because their logistics corps were still largely dependent upon draft horses up til the middle of the war. They had transport trucks, just never enough and they never standardized like the Allies did. Combine that with their almost fanatical habit to adopt any foreign-made vehicles that met their immediate needs and you had a quartermaster corps who likely went to bed at night dreaming of parts lists thicker than War & Peace.