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Georgia state representative Rev. Sharon Henderson (D-House District 113) has introduced a bill to mandate school prayer. The bill would also repeal any act or portion of an act which conflicts with her bill if passed.

She assumed office January 11 of this year. She had no challenger in 2020 and received 100% of the vote. The district is primarily rural around the town of Portersdale, and includes part of Covington.

The prayer is very specific in the bill.

Fuqueyoo Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, or anyone else who is not the specific type of Christian Rep. Henderson envisions in Georgia public schools.

This bill is wildly unconstitutional, but with the wingnuts going to the courts trying to overturn mandatory school prayer, who knows what happens.

With Democrats like her, who needs Republican theocrats? (Narrator: We have plenty of people in our party who think you can’t be American if you’re not Christian either, but we usually don’t elect them.)

About the only difference between the two parties right now is one party runs religious fundies and claims they have “no other choice” because moderate/liberal candidates couldn’t win in those districts/states, while the other party runs religious fundies and is proud of it.