U.S. Commentator Mike Harris: Israel Carried Out Newtown Massacre, Operates Death Squads in the U.S.

researchok12/20/2012 4:43:59 pm PST

re: #58 Mad Prophet Ludwig

Fair questions.

Consider the following- a blowhard is just that- he or she won’t actually commit, serious time, money or effort.

The Nazi types embrace a lifestyle- the Pam Geller devotees embrace a few minutes on stage, so to speak.

The Nazi types want to dinstinguish themselves from the mainstream- the hers want you to believe they are a part of the mainstream

You are a real deal physics guy, doing real work and real research.

The Mad Scientist franchisee entertains kids after school and at birthday parties. He shows kids the ‘magic’ of science, uses big words, etc.

There is a big difference between you and him- and I’m no taking about the balloons.