Seth Meyers: Second Week of Impeachment Testimony Ends With More Damning Evidence

A Three Hour Tour11/22/2019 12:57:17 pm PST

re: #47 Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel

If I had to bet, I’d put my money on under-age boys.

Unfortunately, that’s my suspicion as well. I’d hazard a guess probably between the ages of 15-17.* If Graham did do such a thing, did he do so in U.S. jurisdiction or in a location monitored by the Russians, or perhaps as part of a honey trap set up by Russian intelligence/Russian oligarchs?

* Disclosure: I was 15 (but still looked like a middle schooler) when I fended off my first out-of-blue lewd solicitation by a grown man.