Colbert on the GOP's Incredibly Lame Excuses for Voting Against Witnesses in the Trump Impeachment Trial

Belafon2/04/2020 11:24:46 am PST

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You mean like this? (January 11 article)

Michael Bloomberg campaigns against voter suppression at voters rights summit in Georgia
The private event was organized by Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight 2020 Initiative and held in the city of Atlanta

For the first time since announcing his 2020 presidential run in late November, Michael Bloomberg visited Atlanta, GA. On Friday, the Presidential nominee hopeful kicked off his schedule with an early morning stop at an invite-only voting rights summit organized by Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight 2020 Initiative. While there, Bloomberg shared detailed thoughts on voting and voter suppression with the handful of media outlets in the room.

Those unaware of the history between Bloomberg and Abrams might raise an eyebrow at their alliance. Bloomberg, however, has been a long time and an early financial supporter of Abrams. She shared that history as she introduced him to the attendees. According to Abrams, when she launched the New Georgia Project in 2014 intending to register 800,000 unregistered voters in the state by 2024, Bloomberg was a generous donor. Then in 2018, when Abrams dared to run for governor of Georgia, a feat that would have made her the first Black woman to hold that position in this country, Bloomberg donated significantly to her campaign.

I remember seeing that and it’s pretty cool. I’m kind of Texas centric when it comes to GOTV, and so I would love to see a bunch of money spent here. I think it would really make a difference. Maybe Bloomberg could coordinate with Beto on it.