Overnight Open Thread

drcordell2/18/2010 8:58:04 am PST

re: #636 sattv4u2

Both ABC and FOX have large “secondary” (to NYC) bureuas here in Atlanta. The ‘official” reason is in case theres another blackout like the Great Northeast one or another terror attck in NY shutting down their facilities there

The ‘unnofficial” reason is that Georgia in general and Atlanta in particular are more tax freindly to businesses (hence the home of DELTA, COKE, HOME DEPOT, UPS, WACHOVIA etc etc)

But they will never leave NYC. Why? Because all of their big money talent will never leave the big city. All these businesses and banks LOVE to try and rake NYC over the coals to get all sorts of tax breaks in exchange for remaining in NYC. But at the end of the day it’s all a big bluff.

You can outsource the little people to the boonies, but you can’t outsource the office with the big swinging dicks. They won’t want to live anywhere but a metropolis.