Video: Obama's Special Message to Iran

Ayatollah Ghilmeini3/20/2009 10:33:49 am PDT

Allah be praised we’re going to crash!

Some 35 years ago, that was the caption in a National Lampoon cartoon called Son of God comics.

The greatest nation in the world is being run by fools and we are going to crash. The Golden Child’s contemptible bowling comment on the Jay Leno show last night showed what he is made of.

In the history of US diplomacy, it is hard to find a more stupid, contemptibly stupid, doomed to failure, effort than Obama’s reach-out to Iran. Anyone paying attention to the international news sees Iran and seven or eight other opponents of American leadership in the world working in concert with each otehr building weapons, armies, and alliances- all designed to bring this country down, down hard.

What exactly do we have to offer that the Ayatollahs don’t already have or are not in the process of making? We’re about to embark on the single greatest change in policy to a rogue state ever done. If there is any indication of any concern of what might happen, should these efforts fail, I am unable to detect them. I read a ton of news and journals every day and have seen nothing on the subject.

The only things you can give a fascist to make them happy are power and respectability. They love conquering new territory and threatening their neighbors; they love beating their people into submission; most of all, they love weapons which enable them to do this job in a better way and parading the fact of their power to their neighbors and people. With such folks, everything is a means to an end.

I’ve never seen a totalitarian government declare their territorial ambitions had been completely met, their borders were permanently fixed and they were downgrading their military capabilities, because they trusted in the goodwill of their neighbors and the international community to ensure the safety of their nation.

So either the Obama initiative is the most singularly cynical and pointless act of American diplomacy since FDR put Breckenridge Long in charge of Jewish refugees or Obama is the biggest fool who ever lived or Obama is the single greatest diplomatic genius the world has ever known, a new Metternich, who will transform the entire relationship between peoples and nations into a glorious new and exciting future free from war filled with great economic cooperation and prosperity for all. The way things look is he believes he is the third, while in truth he is the second. If he knowingly is the first, he is evil. This bus is heading off the cliff.

Because he is so confident in his abilities to transform the Iranian regime into a new and suddenly peaceful version of its old self, Obama wastes no time passing out parachutes or take any other rational precaution against what the certainty that Iran will exploit this situation to our great detriment.

What is the United States can do going to do if Iran does not negotiate in good faith and uses diplomacy solely to delay while they get the bomb? What is the backup plan? There is none. What happens to those whose lives and rights are at risk through this action?

Yesterday came the report that an Iranian blogger, died “tragically” after being imprisoned for insulting Iran’s supreme leader. To even bring up the subject would do would be to insult our new friends. Yet the true nature of a government is what and how they punish. We are not perfect. But Iran’s record is a dark chapter in human justice: they have crushes a boy’s arm with a car, hangs gays from cranes and rapes dissident women in prison. What friendship can such a country offer us that is worth having? This leaves aside the thousands (yes I said thousands) of Americans they have murdered or been complicit in murdering over the years.