Marc Cooper: The Devolution of PJ Media

iceweasel7/07/2010 10:02:14 pm PDT

re: #645 McSpiff

Awesome summary, thanks.

I may get around to doing up a page on my area’s racial issues at some point. I think many Americans would find it eye opening. We might not have the history of slavery like you guys do, but that doesn’t mean our past is a whole lot cleaner in many respects.

I think it would be hella interesting and hope you do that!

BTW, there are also huge differences in the UK as opposed to the US w/r/t racism. The word “black” there is used to apply to South Asians (people from pakistan, bangladesh, india) and the worst racism is reserved for ‘the blacks’ — and they don’t mean by ‘black’, people from africa, or the carribbean, or black people from the US.

It’s very interesting. It lends credence to the notion that race is a construct, imo. Also, my personal theory is that racism tracks immigration patterns. That’s why in 2010 brown is the new black for the fashion conscious GOPer.