CPAC 2015: Sponsored by White Nationalists Again

teleskiguy2/25/2015 9:57:53 pm PST

There’s going to be so many good ideas and potential leadership at this year’s CPAC!

Thursday (ET)

8:40a - Dr. Ben Carson

9:00a - Sen. Mike Lee (Utah)

1:00p - Gov. Chris Christie (NJ)

1:20p - Carly Fiorina

1:40p - Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas)

5:00p - Gov. Scott Walker (Wisconsin)

5:20p - Gov. Bobby Jindal (Louisiana)

5:40p - Gov. Sarah Palin (Alaska)


8:00a - Newt Gingrich

8:30a - Laura Ingraham

8:40a - Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida)

9:00a - Gov. Rick Perry (Texas)

10:20a - Sen. Rand Paul (Kentucky)

11:00a - Sean Hannity

12:00p - Donald Trump

12:20p - Sen. Rick Santorum (Pennsylvania)

1:20p - Wayne LaPierre, NRA

1:40p - Gov. Jeb Bush (Florida)

4:20p - Amb. John Bolton


8:30a - Mark Levin

5:20p - Announcement of CPAC straw poll results