The Oslo Terrorist's 'Counter-Jihad' Ideology

Birth Control Works7/24/2011 7:17:52 pm PDT

re: #652 Naso Tang

No, they help only to reinforce the divide, and that goes for the language too. I learned English at the age of 6. Total immersion and I think it took a few months at most. I have zero patience with language lazy peoples.

Where I live, the public schools have to deal with immigrant children who may have had a teacher come to their village 2 days a week, some times.

Introducing them to the school system and the country in their own language is essential if they are to catch-up in simple math and science. Eventually they learn what they need to. There are still those who are born here, live in the neighborhood, watch Mexican TV and don’t even HEAR English until they come to kindergarten. No joke.

Part of the reason the anti-immigration crowd get’s all up in arms about crime is that without ESL, these kids don’t have much chance to make it any other way. It’s us, the taxpayers who have to come-up with the resources to educate these kids. Most schools don’t have the resources to teach it for more than one or two grade levels.

I don’t like it, but I don’t want lose a generation of kids who could contribute positively to our society.