Overnight Open Thread

jorline2/04/2009 7:22:38 am PST

Very Important Message

I’ve been communicating with midwestgak, a great friend to a lot of us here on the day threads. Gak was a victim of the current layoffs late last week …please keep her in your prayers.

She has an Apple at home and can’t stay connected to LGF. She sent me an email last night about the problem.

For some reason when I sign on to LGF, I get kicked out of Safari every time. I’ve checked with both Earthlink and Apple and have been told they are not the source of the problem. It has to do with the site itself. I’ve tried to go to “Contact” at LGF to resolve the problem, but I get ousted. I’ve tried Foxfire and Excel with no luck. Think anyone at LGF can offer a solution?

Please post your replies to this thread…gak is lurking right now and reading your suggestions for a solution.

I will post this message again around 11 CST when Charles is awake and moving.

Help get gak back on LGF…thanks