Reddit foams at the mouth about Israel building houses in Jerusalem

Dark_Falcon8/14/2013 10:05:44 am PDT

re: #65 Jayleia

Palicriminal…a criminal that’s the same backwards as forwards?

I’m going to assume that its a portmanteau of palestinian and criminal…however, I can’t tell whether he’s referring to palestinians that have committed crimes, or if he’s referring to the citizens of palestine as criminals…either way, its a very douchey term to use.

Must concur. In both its formulation and the usage we are seeing here, it seems like yet another derisive term for people of an “enemy ethnicity or ideology”. It has the same ‘feel’ as “feminazis” to my ears: A dumb overly-broad term thrown out by a bigot, and it is telling that the originator of the thread (Rosie) has not defended it, even by updinging.