People Magazine Writer Comes Forward to Describe Sexual Assault by Donald Trump

majii10/12/2016 9:56:49 pm PDT

Trump’s only reaction to the NYTs’ article is to threaten a lawsuit. I read the article and it not only reports on the women who claim Trump sexually assaulted them, it includes the comments of their family members, friends, and associates who also know about the sexual assault. Sure, he’ll sue the NYT, but what about all of the other news outlets that are reporting that other women, in addition to the two in the NYT, say he also sexually assaulted them? He’s a loser. Rather than dispute what the women are saying, he’s taking the legal intimidation route. If I were operating one of these outlets, I would not back down. He wants us to believe that he didn’t do what these women are saying he did. He knows his history of sexually assaulting women, and he knows he’s been getting away with doing it for decades. What he didn’t think was that it would come out to the public when he decided to run for POTUS. The wolf just had that sheep costume snatched off of him, and it’s not even Halloween. I’m not usually someone who thinks in a vindictive way, but in this case, I’m glad Trump is being exposed as the lecherous, cheating, disrespectful, filthy-mouthed, horny b*st*rd that he is, and that the evangelical leaders and supporters who are backing him are being exposed as the “c”hristian fakes they’ve always been. All of them deserve every bit of this, and as for the GOPers who now want to change the subject, they get to experience in real-time how wrong a choice they made in choosing Trump. I hope every one of ‘em is embarrassed. Maybe now they’ll sit down and STFU. They wanted Trump to “shake up” D.C. Their wish has been granted. They now have a nation-wide shake up, thanks to Trump.