An Amazing Jam by Dirty Loops: "Work Shit Out" [VIDEO]

retired cynic12/01/2019 1:45:47 pm PST

re: #61 Backwoods_Sleuth

I earned my BA and MA from one of the Illinois Board of Governors universities (my uni was the very definition of diversified) and am just gobsmacked

U of I main campus here. My parents moved to Champaign-Urbana from a small southern Illinois town when my brother and I were in grade school so they could afford to send us to college there. My mother went to SIU at 16, and loved it, but it was during the depths of the depression, and the fees left my grandparents with nothing to eat, and she could not stand it. Quit, got a job, and helped my grandfather support the three of them. So it was hugely important to her that my brother and I went.

Of course, the U of I was extremely diversified, and it was very good for me, even coming from Champaign High, that was integrated.