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BigPapa12/15/2019 3:51:50 pm PST

Now if I could find an avocado tree. I’ve found the ‘secret sauce’ to having fruit year round. Part of the problem with mango and avocado is that it takes a year to fruit, then it’s a glut, then it’s done for the year. The mango produces fruit over maybe a 1-2 month period then it’s done. Then there’s a lot of it.

The trick is to have a few trees but of different species. My landlord has 4 diff mango species, one tree of each. Same with the avocado. Now you have fruit for 6 months at a time as the diff species pop off at slightly diff times.

Papaya is another problem. It produces fruit year round, but the tree keeps getting taller and taller. After 3 years you have to cut it down and start over. So it’s a lot more work than the mango and avocado, which besides the occasional prune, you don’t need to do anything.