Marc Cooper: The Devolution of PJ Media

Aceofwhat?7/07/2010 10:08:44 pm PDT

re: #660 boxhead

Do you think it is possible for a culture/society to move to the point where those words don’t have the negative meanings? I grew up in a very integrated neighborhood. My friends and I would talk smack to each other for fun. It was what it was. I don’t expect folks not there to understand, but we all just got along and words lost their power.

Possibly. But what’s the benefit? I mean, talking smack for fun amongst friends is a time-honored tradition.

Outside of that, though, what redeeming value do “those words” contain such that we should spend time rehabilitating them? My preference is that our culture moves to the point where we understand in an abstract sense that the terms existed, and represented something ugly…but we’re otherwise disinclined to use them.

Did that make sense? It sounds right in my head…but it’s a sensitive subject…