Vatican: Holocaust Denying Bishop Must 'Recant'

tokyobk2/04/2009 2:00:27 pm PST

I don’t know if this thread is living still, but I wonder if I am the only one who does not like the idea of forcing people to recant things they clearly believe? Its such an easy out, its like Saudi Arabia retraining Jihadists by getting them to say they renounce JIhad. BS. This guy may recant but he still believes it, for which he should be judged an idiot but he still has a right to his idiotic beliefs. I also hate the idea of arresting people for holocaust denial. Just treat them like idiots, like troofers, but arrest them? In my rich fantasy life, would love to see Noam Chomskey arrested for on charges of first degree scumbaggery but would never live in a society that would actually arrest him.