Overnight Open Thread

Charles Johnson7/23/2011 10:19:43 am PDT

re: #647 JJ42

Watched the press conference now

No real changes in death count. 92 dead, 5 missing. The guy (ABB) used a handgun and a (full) automatic weapon, and was able to keep shooting for 90 minutes. Apparently he took his time and shot people twice to make sure they were dead. When the swat team arrived on the island, he surrendered voluntarily. No shots were fired during the arrest.

Interrogation progresses slowly. He has admitted to being on the island and firing shots. No motive so far.

Regarding his political ideas, it was pretty much your average Fjordman/Geller/GoV-fan. Judging from his writings on ([Link:…] which is a fairly moderate site (though critical of radical islam,) one wouldn’t suspect that this was a person who would go on a killing spree. As you can see, he links to both Pamela and LGF, and his opinions are fairly logical, although he’s quite obsessed about ‘cultural marxism’, ‘feminization’, etc. He also referred to a lot of political youth groups as ‘Marxist / Islamist Jugend’, so it’s obvious that he had some issues with them. He was also a member of a conservative populist party (FRP) some years ago, but apparently left because he thought they were too liberal.

Judging from his facebook (down) and twitter page ([Link:…] they appear to have been created a week ago, probably as a kind of press kit. He was also a 3rd degree freemason (conspiracy nuts are going to love this), but was not said to be active within the lodge.

On his public tax forms ([Link:…] he’s not listed with an income for last year (probably due to him being self employed), but he’s listed with a net worth (right word?) of $72 000.

According to live news broadcasts he’s not affiliated with any far right /neo-nazi groups, and appears to have acted alone.

On that page you linked, he posted one link to LGF; along with articles to other news sites, Wikipedia, etc. I can promise you that nobody in that “counter-jihad” crowd will ever link to my site with approval again, because I’ve made it extremely clear that I want nothing to do with their hate speech and bigotry.