In Which Donald Refuses to Say He'll Step Down Peacefully if He Loses

Anymouse 🌹🏡😷9/23/2020 5:17:47 pm PDT

It’s also pissing off wingnuts, so that’s a bonus.

Atlanta Exotic Dancers Shamelessly Objectify Voting In ‘Get Your Booty To The Poll’ PSA (Doktor Zoom at Wonkette)

Well here’s a change from the usual Get Out The Vote ad. No fifes, tricorn hats, or patriotic mush here, just several Atlanta-based exotic dancers who want people to think about voting, because “it’s more than just the president on the ballot, right?” Exactly.

One of the women asks, “So … you’re really not gonna vote?” She does not approve of your indifference, because there are a lot of other offices whose occupants can make a serious difference in your life, so for godssake “Get your booty to the poll.”

Twerking at the poll is optional. (Video contains no nudity but may not be safe for all workplaces, because strippers.)