Overnight Open Thread

Spar Kling2/03/2009 11:59:41 pm PST

re: #15 Spiny Norman

Since the previous thread has gone way off topic, I’ll post it here:

The creationism/ID supporters here at least try to present
a cogent argument (well, most of the time), but the pro-ID commenters
at Hot Air don’t even bother even trying, it’s just petty insults and ad hominems. It’s hardly any different from a DKos thread. Sheesh.

I also hadn’t noticed that “LGF is all Darwin, all the time” now, either…

Yep. When people get emotional about something, logic vanishes and the ad hominems begin to fly. This is true of the moonbats on the left and the dingbats on the right (see, I can do it, too).

Even in a coherent and polite argument about anything—politics, sports, science, religion, or business, what divides people is what they consider facts and what they consider significant.

Also complicating things is the cognitive dissonance that blinds us to things that we don’t expect or don’t want to see. And there’s probably also a term given to the sloppy thinking that we tolerate when we agree with someone.

And not to mention rationalization … has anyone noticed that the media has not ever even breathed the words “tax evasion?” They only use words like “mistake” or “tax problem.” Interesting.