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Hecuba's daughter2/10/2019 3:29:01 pm PST

re: #60 retired cynic

Just got a newsletter from Greg Palast, who had a different take on the Venezuela situation than any I have heard. He said Madura’s base are the middle class and poor and POC, and Juan Guaido’s base is all wealthy and white. Had photos of rallies to back it up. It sure isn’t the whole picture, but it is one side of it that I hadn’t heard.

Palast said the big problem was the collapse of the price of oil, and that the reason DT and his peeps give a toot is because of the enormous reserves in oil that are there. I have learned on here that Venezuelan oil is heavy and dirty, and so that must be hitting them in the price, also.

DT has the added pressure of needing a foreign distraction.

I have liked Palast in the past and am not an expert on Venezuela, but the book How Democracies Die is no fan of the Maduro regime, which it describes as an autocrat. Most of our traditional European allies support Guaido, while Russia is on Maduro’s side. The working class has often supported dictators who speak to their needs.