Sell Your Guitar: Luca Stricagnoli Does Eminem: "Without Me"

CarolJ2/09/2020 12:36:58 am PST

re: #59 Joe Bacon šŸŒ¹

A long time ago, iā€™m not sure from what source, I read that the ministry attracts more than its share of people who have issues with sex. Instead of accepting who they are, they enter the clergy hoping that the strictures would help keep them under control.

A profession is only as good as the pool of recruits. A low paying profession most of the time, with few opportunities to advance or to support a family, the pickings are slim. Once it could get better material simply because the priesthood/ministry offered poor boys (and mostly boys) a better life than slaving in field and factory. But once the professions like law and medicine started paying better, and field and factory became unionized, it was harder to get good material.