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lawhawk10/26/2020 5:57:45 am PDT

re: #10 Dread Pirate Ron

30% of the Utah covid19 hospitalizations are ICU-related. That pushes ICU capacity above 100% at SLC’s main hospital. SLC is a regional hospital, which takes patients from 5 nearby states because of its central location (and the lack of hospital resources in those other states that are closer to where these people actually live).

We were saying all along that people in rural America would be fucked because they have fewer hospital beds and once covid19 strikes deep into those areas, they’d face bed shortages and limits on care to a greater degree than other places.

7 day moving average for Utah is now 1500+ cases a day. That’s the opposite of having the pandemic under control. And we see this in practically every state. They’re losing containment in places like NY and NJ and states that were doing badly are doing even worse now. Not enough people are masking and social distancing, and the biggest problem is that officials are going to lack the will to close things back down because people are out of patience with a disease that Trumpworld still and never will take seriously. Had we followed the fucking playbook, we wouldn’t be in this position and Trump would be cruising to a reelection win.

Instead, he’s done gone fucked everything up, and his base thinks this is a win.

300,000+ excess deaths.
230,000+ official deaths.

States warning hospitals are exceeding ICU capacity, and we’re not even in the height of flu season yet (reminder: get your fecking flu shots to minimize chances of having to deal with flu during covid pandemic). Hospitals are struggling even now, and Trumpworld thinks it’s all dandy and that it’s personal failures that killed 230,000+ Americans, and not the lack of testing and a national mandate to mask/social distance.

Hint: it’s the latter. Every other country that imposed adequate testing and masking/social distancing mandates has done better than the US on minimizing deaths, illnesses, and economic damage. We’ve done worse and the recovery has been slower - all because of Trump’s know nothing approach.

But have no fear. Trump’s latest right wing extremist judicial pick will be seated on the Supreme Court before Election Day. Priorities.