Bad Craziness on Toast

Guanxi8810/16/2009 11:06:08 am PDT

re: #68 spoosmith

Seriously - if these people are this unhinged 10 months into the presidency, can you imagine what the next 3 years is going to be like? They seem to be getting exponentially crazier by the week.

There are a couple things going on here:

1) We see the usual suspects (black helicopter types) now directing their venom at the current leadership;

2) We see the unstable, unhinged, and just plain weird folk gravitating toward identification of the current leadership as the locus of evil and the source of their problems;

3) We see opposition to the current leadership currently taking on the characteristics and rhetoric of types 1 & 2, above, as these are the loudest, most consistent voices out there. Over time, this radicalizes what should be the loyal opposition and tinges them with the taint of extremism;

4) This radicalization will have unfortunate yet predictable result of making any and all opposition (loyal or otherwise) indistinguishable from the whack-jobs in 1 & 2, above, and will de-legitimize any and all opposition to the current leadership; and

5) This ongoing erosion and de-legitimization of the opposition will fit in perfectly with the narratives of groups 1 & 2, and will further radicalize them.

It’s a feedback loop of the worst kind.