Robert Spencer and the Extremists

debutaunt9/09/2009 3:49:31 pm PDT

re: #587 iceweasel

Now you’re changing the subject, and wanting to refight 2001-2008. I’m not especially interested in discussing every Democrat who annoyed you during those years, or in refighting the battles over the Iraq War.
I see a lot of projection here and a real desire to hate all Dems (or all libs) all the time, regardless of reality. And to always attribute the worst possible motives to them, no matter what.

I hate that shit when the left does it to Republicans too, btw. Not playing.

Again: the claim that all the Democrats only wanted better body armour in order to bash Bush is a very weird smear. It implies the Democrats actually hate our troops, and while I know that is a popular meme among the rabid right, it’s bullshit. Just as much bullshit as when someone on the left claims that Republicans hate poor people, for example.

Boy, it would have been great having you here then, to point out all of that mean dem stuff, but alas, just a recent lizard.