The Oslo Terrorist's 'Counter-Jihad' Ideology

McSpiff7/24/2011 7:32:30 pm PDT

re: #662 Petero1818

Totally disagree. This has nothing to do with avoiding a shit storm over the Catholic school board. The 2 issues are totally separate. This was a one off from a school and not a decision made by a school board. And while I find it ridiculous, our last provincial election showed that there is no pending shit storm regarding the Catholic school board.
The fact is that this is a concession to one group and one group only. Orthodox Jews, have never made such a request. They set up their own parochial schools and fund them through their own communities.
This was a local issue and a local principal trying to deal with a problem of absenteeism amongst his school population on Fridays.

Sure, it started out as a local issue in one school. Then the school board got involved. Ignore the elephant in the room if you want, but its awfully hard to bemoan special requests by Muslims when the Catholics get an entire schoolboard. Hell, they could pay the Iman to show up and it still wouldn’t rival the Catholic system.

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Except Tory got crushed, because the Catholic school board issue was not resonating with the people in Ontario. He spent his entire budget on it, and most people didn’t give a crap because it is an anachronistic part of our system that while unfair, quite frankly is inoffensive to most. When you pay your taxes in Ontario you check off taxes to go to public school board or catholic school board.

I don’t think you realize how nuts this sounds to someone from outside of Ontario. Right, it didn’t decide the election. It was still an issue. Its not normal to have your tax dollars go to a church.