Rush Limbaugh, Creationist

Salamantis5/20/2009 1:24:59 am PDT

re: #133 BingoBunny

Dude I’m no scientist.. and I don’t have to clarify anything I want to say.. But I do know better then to believe the first word about anything.. or is the Pith Down man still in our family tree.? What ever that thing some guy sewed together in the 20’s was called..that was supposed to be the last word to prove Darwinism.. and was discovered to be a total fraud about 30 years later. Just as a little aside this case of bones is sealed in plastic.. and can only be X ray studied.. ok the bones are right for something.. but how can you really know they are 47 MY old and not 50,000 years old without touching them?

Piltdown Man was perpetrasted in 1912, almost a hundred years ago, was just a few bone fragments dug from dirt rather than a 95% complete skeleton embedded in a sediomentary matrix, and was exposed by scientists with much more primitive tools than we have now.

And we can ascertain how old the fossil is by subjecting it to several different types of radiometric dating.

another point as a quick aside my uncle was a Geologist for a oil company some of the core samples he made had fossils in it, he gave me some.. when I was taking geology in college I showed them to a professor.. who Immediately said they were fakes.. because of the gold color on them.. was watching History Channel last night and they talked about the way Fossils get fools gold in them and turn a gold color.. whos the fool.. well that professor was one.

Well, the world’s leading paleontologists have had two long years to subject this fossil to every meticulous, fine-grained, and painstaking means of inspection in their contemporary technological arsenal. That’s a bit more than a casual glance from an obscure professor.