Larry Klayman and Friends to Give Obama 'Last Chance' on Nov. 19

CriticalDragon117711/15/2013 11:23:11 am PST

re: #4 Skip Intro

Klayman is too crazy even for most other crazies. Farah pimping it on his nutjob site may bring in a few, though. Maybe he’ll bring his all-star reporter, Jerome Corsi, with him. That would bring in another dozen or so, so I may have underestimated the crowd by a couple of hundred percent.

I wouldn’t be to sure about that, If either Spencer or Geller shows up, it could draw a large crowd of wingnuts. Just look at how much money they were able to raise for their cause. They started an Indiegogo campaign awhile back and were able to raise $41,900 out of their $50,000 Goal. That’s pretty impressive.

Don’t underestimate these far right fanatics. They have a lot of supporters and even worse, unfortunately some of them have a ton of cash.