LA Times Op Ed-Gay Rights: Can Discrimination Be Legal?

wrenchwench12/12/2013 9:50:45 am PST

re: #3 Political Atheist

Here is my point of interest-And I think this shows the “I call bullshit” above as a tad overblown, at least in tyhe legal sense.

My bold-

Ms. Melling may have found the choices ‘difficult’, but others do not. From the same link:

“This was a straightforward case of discrimination in the public marketplace,” Mr. Wolff said. “No court has ever held that the First Amendment gives businesses a license to sell goods and services to the general public but then reject customers based on race or religion or sexual orientation, in violation of state law.”

Emphasis added.

And whether Ms. Melling found the choices difficult or not, she came to the same conclusion (that it’s illegal discrimination). I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the editors of the LA Times.