"Christian" American Family Association Butthurt at Anti-Discrimination Stickers in Mississippi Storefronts

Crush White Nationalism5/15/2014 3:56:01 pm PDT

re: #6 mikeatmartel

The country is going to turn to shit in a hurry if these lunatics ever gain full control.

If they do, control will be brief. Any of their children that are above-average discard their parent’s superstitions and bigotry. When a subculture is this toxic and counter-factual, it can’t attract quality people. It degenerates into being 100% scammers and the rubes they fleece.

Unless civilization collapses, religious conservatism can’t do anything but implode under it’s own idiocy as smart people flee, and the average intelligence of the subculture plummets.

These people make hippies look like Einstein.