The College Rape Overcorrection

Dark_Falcon12/13/2014 6:25:46 am PST

re: #5 FemNaziBitch


Helping victims call the police and present at their local emergency room (not a University controlled clinic or triage center) is part of the ongoing efforts of those involved in Advocacy.

It is incredibly difficult for victims to trust.

And God Bless you for helping with that, for you truly do the Lord’s work.

re: #6 Islamo-Masonic Vourdalak

Tying into the Story Sergey posted, I argue that part of the reason universities have the sort of ‘informal complaint’ system Patrick Witt describes is to keep claims of rape away from the police. Universities want to look like they’re fighting against sexual violence without actually having to admit to rapes on campus. It’s yet another variety of gaming the system, or ‘juking the stats’ as it was called on The Wire. By disposing of a complaint ‘informally’, the university can say they addressed it without actually having to investigate it.