Rest in Peace, John McCain

can't think of a decent username8/25/2018 6:39:41 pm PDT

I hope we can avoid the kind of hagiography he’ll be getting from the press. He was corrupt — check the Keating 5 scandal. He helped normalize the Republican Party’s derangement when he anointed Palin. He sacrificed his long-standing opposition to torture to stay in the good graces of Bush and, perhaps, protect his upcoming nomination for the presidency.

He was still far from the worst Republican in Congress, he dropped that fuck-you thumbs-down that saved, at least for a while, the ACA, and he certainly didn’t deserve to die of a rotten disease like cancer.

They’ll inevitably do a memorial resolution for him in Congress, and I sure as hell hope every Democrat votes in favor of it, because Trump will be pressuring Republicans to vote against it, and far too many of them will cave.