Some More News: Sure, You Can Be a Good Guy With a Gun, as Long as You Aren't Black

Targetpractice12/04/2018 10:57:55 am PST

re: #6 lawhawk

Trump will emerge from this “intact” but many Americans will lose their homes/businesses because they don’t have an inheritance to rely on as Trump did originally. But for all of Trump’s touts about the economy, that’s the one thing keeping him afloat even among his bigot brigade base. If the economy implodes, they’ll desert him too - or else blame the downturn on Democrats and spin conspiracies to prove that too.

They’ll blame Democrats somehow and/or claim that it was a market correction that they knew was coming and thus Donny had nothing to do with it. You know, just like the unbroken economic recovery under Obama was “THE WORST EVA!!!” but Donny producing the exact same numbers is “THE START OF A NEW GOLDEN ERA!!!”