Some More News: A Fair and Balanced™©® Look at America's Broken Electoral System [VIDEO]

Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)5/07/2019 12:58:23 pm PDT

They voted for Trump. This is what they got.

For the residents of Lordstown and the surrounding area, Barra’s decision promised disaster. A recent study by the Center for Economic Development at Cleveland State University estimated that the elimination of all three shifts at the plant would ultimately cause the loss of nearly 8,000 jobs and more than $8 billion in economic activity in the regional economy. And since the 2008 financial crisis, wages in the area have fallen by 6 percent, even as they have risen nationally by 11 percent. “They’re scraping out what’s already been hollowed out,” Green said. “We need G.M. It’s the last thing standing around here.”