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Dr Lizardo2/08/2020 11:42:51 am PST

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re: #180 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

I actually hang out with some Anglicans from the Church of Christ the King in Frankfurt and find them a decent lot, I have to say they changed my attitude about Christianity. Not enough to get me to convert, but I see that it is not all Fundamentalism, doctrinal infighting and Bible-Thumping.

Of course I was raised Catholic and then subjected to Campus Crusade for Christ proselytizers in college, so that really put me off Christianity for a long time.

I lived in a Wohngemeinschaft in Berlin that was run by Jesuits (you know, God’s Marines). I’d never really encountered Jesuits before, but I can say that I gained tremendous respect for them. Prior to that, I lived in the Georg-von-Rauch-Haus, a far-left collective, also in Berlin, named after Georg von Rauch, a member of the Movement June 2 who died in a shootout with the police in late 1971.

Berlin is one helluva interesting city, LOL.