The Always Amazing Tommy Emmanuel: "I've Always Thought of You"

stpaulbear1/16/2021 10:06:57 am PST

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“Animal Print Karen”…I’m ROTFLMAO!

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“She was eventually arrested and booked for trespassing and resisting arrest. BTW, it’s not the first time she’s been embroiled in controversy.

Falco-DiCorrado, a staunch Trump supporter, was forced to resign from her volunteer seat on the County’s Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board in 2017, following controversial remarks made during a meeting to designate Boynton Beach a sanctuary city.

Falco-DiCorrado allegedly told Black residents at the meeting, “You’re lucky we brought you over as slaves, or else you’d be deported too.” She later told the Palm Beach Post her comments were misinterpreted and she didn’t mean any harm.”

What a peach.